New Girls Team

Pedal Performance Coaching has been asked to coach a new girls road racing team.  The ‘invite only’ team consists of 10 girls who will be riding under the name Les Filles RT.  Chris will look at the team’s goals for the racing season, provide group coaching & an annual training plan to provide structure to their training.  Performance tests on Watt bikes should keep the girls on track & focused on the season’s goals.

Fun coaching session @ Kempton Park

Coaching on Sunday morning was a little chilly but lots of fun.  The 2 1/2 hour ‘RSR-inspired’ session got 9 riders working on bunch skills, changing ‘through & off’ in 2 teams across a narrow track, following a wheel through a bunch, riding close to each other etc.

There was a lot of pushing a shoving going on between some of the riders & all improved bike handling skills & confidence in a group.  We finished the session with an elimination style road race, pace controlled by the ‘derny’ aka Ben on his bike.  It was great to see riders using the width of the track to try and outwit each other & hold positions.

Big thanks to Martin Dawson for setting it all up.  Looking forward to the next session already!

Twickenham CC Girls Squad

Pedal Performance Coaching is in discussions with girls at Twickenham CC interested in trying to reform a once successful girls racing squad.  With an emphasis on fun some of the riders are already getting muddy & involved in cyclocross races & building their bike handling skills ready for next year’s road racing season.

Strictly Cycling – Bike Fest 2012

The Strictly Cycling initiative & Bike Fest is put on to promote cycling and cycle sport to the local community and from all the enthusiasm generated on this year by the young and not so young alike I think we more than achieved that objective.  We had lots and lots of compliments on the day and everyone who attended had a great time which means the event ran well and those people will tell others how good it was.

I know some parents had trouble persuading their children to leave and there was at least one instance of a small boy going like a dynamo for a couple of hours and then simply falling asleep!

French Alps Cycling Holiday

Picture yourself sitting on a balcony in the sun, looking out over the French Alps, a cold beer in hand, watching over the Cols you’ve climbed with your cycling friends and pointing out the ones you’re going to climb the next day.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Come to the French Alps next summer & celebrate 100 years of the Tour de France, while cycling around some of the tour’s stunning stage climbs!