Tales from Tajikistan, it was quite eventful!

Ever heard of the Pamir Highway?  Its the 2nd highest road in the world & we cycled over it with 20kg of panniers on our 10kg bikes!  Here’s our latest blog.

Sneak peak:

Well, we have been chewed up and spat out by Tajikistan. The last few weeks have been beyond hard and we are all looking a little worse for wear as a result. We being, me, Chris and a good proportion of our gear. The Trolls have come into their own though and handled the terrain well which is good because we chose them with Tajikistan in mind. So was it worth it?

My wasp stingThinking back, the injuries started way back on day one when a wasp flew under my sunnies and stung my face. I woke up at the Yeti Hostel in Dushanbe the next morning with my face feeling strange, so took a selfie to see what was wrong and nearly fell out of my bunk when I saw myself. It didn’t stop us getting out into Dushanbe though. I perched my sunnies lop sidedly on my face and we hit the streets in search of high energy snacks, pasta, oats, some warm clothes and a GBAO permit for Chris – we had a high altitude adventure to prepare for!

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