Sharing Information

One of the best ways to learn is to share information and so I’d like to share with you one of my go to blogs.  Having worked at British Cycling and studied many of its coaching courses I came across Andrew, who was one of the most helpful coach educators, especially when it comes to sports science. Andrew Kirkland has been a British Cycling coach educator, sports scientist at the Scottish Institute of Sport and Lecturer in sports coaching at the University of Stirling. Here’s the start of one of his articles.  If you want to read more see the …

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Fitz Podium


Congratulations to Neil (left) on his podium finish at the 165km Fitz Classic Challenge ride over the weekend.  Neil’s been training with Pedal Performance Coaching for over 18 months now and proves that determination and hard work can pay off. Having moved with work from London to Sydney he’s been riding with Sydney Cycling Club and has many great results to his name including: 8th in the masters road race championships, NSW 3rd in club hill climb championships  

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World Masters Athletics Championships

  At the opening ceremony for the World Masters Athletics Championships this year Jackie Joyner-Kersee was quoted in saying: “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind” With categories up to 90+ its great to see so many athletes here from all over the world competing.  For a full listing of events and age categories please see the competition schedule.

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Cyclocross for Triathletes and Winter Training

If you’ve had a long season on the road and are ready for something new, why not give cyclocross or CX a go.  When the weather turns and you don’t want to get your racing bike wet or dirty CX is a fantastic alternative.  Cyclocross bikes are very similar to road bikes but with more powerful brakes, easier gears for riding off-road and more clearance between the frame and tyres.  Build your strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance and give your bike handling skills a boost.  Learning how to perform a running dismount and remount for hurdles in a CX race …

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Saturated Fat & the Balance of Omega 3 & 6

Eatwell Plate

As is often the case when new research comes to light, disproving a ‘diet-heart’ theory that has formed dietary recommendations since 1977, there tends to be confusion in the media. I’m lucky to have a close relationship with an Accredited Sport’s Dietitian that keeps me up to date & in this case share advice to implement the latest findings on saturated fat before the – on average – waiting time of 17 years between research & practice. To summarise in a direct quote from the Updated Evidence in the X-PERT Educator Manuals, November 2014: “Advice to incorporate polyunsaturated fat into the diet …

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‘Cycling with Cheese’

With so much on offer around Sainte-Foy, the team at 45 Degrees North are introducing the nicknamed ‘Cycling with Cheese’ week as a new addition in 2015!  It is primarily aimed at people who love to cycle but are relatively new to the sport or take a more leisurely approach to their riding. With less time in the saddle you get the chance to explore the local area.  Whether you would like to take the scenic walk to our local fromagerie, visit the market or try many of the more adventurous activities available or just kick back on the balcony this week could …

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