My performance has improved dramatically

As a Junior rider, I was initially looking for a coach who could accompany me on Wednesday afternoon sessions in place of sport at school and Chris has been extremely accommodating in creating and supervising inventive sessions for each week. In addition, he has also guided me through my first full season of road racing, advising me on which races to enter and the tactics that I should employ. As a result of Chris’ advice and structured training, my performance has improved dramatically and I soon surpassed my initial aim of racing in a selection of Surrey League road races, instead finding myself riding in the Junior Tour Of Wales; a 5 stage, 3 day race with an international field!

The Wednesday sessions began with an assessment of fitness and bike handling, before moving onto perfecting all technical aspects of road racing such as taking bottles from feed stations at speed, or putting on a rain jacket on the move, both of which were utilised during the Tour Of Wales. Training then moved towards building both endurance and explosive power in very focused sessions. Recently the sessions have been specifically tailored in line with upcoming races, such as hill climbs or time trials. I have also begun cyclocross sessions with Chris, which have been good fun and extremely beneficial as you can’t win a CX race with raw power, you have to master the techniques involved first.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of cycling, with a genuine interest in your performance and progress as a cyclist that will aid you in achieving your goals on the road, track or cyclocross circuit.