Global Cycling

Wherever you cycle and whatever bike you ride, we’re here to help you make the most of your cycling.

Over the years we’ve developed a series of cycling weeks in the French Alps with our sister company 45 Degrees North.  Between June and September each year we provide a full support crew to lead you on a series of spectacular rides combining Tour de France mountain climbs with as many challenges as you or your group need.  Then we’ll bring out the coffee, healthy picnics, sports massage and leisurely afternoons to recover or explore.  We encourage solo riders and groups alike and will adjust rides to make sure everyone has a great day.

This provides a fantastic opportunity for some early season performance boosting training, helping you to pick up a lift before racing or get some miles in ready for a tough sportive season.

Get in touch with chris or the 45 Degrees North team to find out more about their short breaks and week cycling trips.

Chris has also been on a few cycling touring rides, taking him through 17+ countries and over a 4,760m mountain pass in remote Tajikistan, unsupported.  A recent trip took Chris and his wife Anna to Japan for a month but instead of over complicating their trip with expensive bikes they opted for 2 abandoned bikes and spent A$50 making them road worthy, before riding 1,200km in search of blossom, ceramics, arts and crafts and leaving the bikes in Japan at the end.

Whatever bike you ride and wherever you want it to take you, we’re here to help you make the most out of your next cycling adventure.

Happy cycling!

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